Communications Quarterly 1990-1999

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1. Communications Quaterly 1990
A Communications System Using Cunnplexer Transceivers
Using MININEC for Antenna Analysis
The Enhancement of HF Signals by Polarization Control
432-MHz EME 1990s Style
The 5/4-Wavelength Dipole: A Revival
Digital Signal Processing
Interface Your Computer to the "Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer"
Transmitter IMD Measurements on Utility-Grade Spectrum Analyzers
High Dynamic Range Receiver
Error Correction in Data Transmission
Telephone Susceptibility to RFI
Super Narrowband Techniques Equalize Power Inequity on 1759 Meters
Basic Concepts of Scattering Parameters

2. Communications Quaterly 1991
A High-Power 13-cm Magnetron Transmitter
Build a Remote Display for Your ICOM HF Radio Weather Special
Amateur Radio and Meteorology Go Hand-in-Hand
Instruments for Weather Observation
The Power Inductor
Do Sunspots Ever End?
The Broadcaster's T
A VLF-LF Receiver
A Different Approach to Ladder Filters
Digital Signal Processing: Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Open-NIVire Transmission Lines
Upgrade Your 1296-MHz Converter
CW Callsign Decoder
Radio Propagation by Tropospheric
The Quad Antenna: Rectangular and Square Loops
Digital Signal Processing: Image Processing
Solid-State 75S-3 Receiver
VLF-LF and the Loop Aerial
A 4800-Baud Modem Daughter Board for Packet TNC
HF Modems for Data Transmission
Yagi Optimization and Observations on Frequency Off set and Element Taper Problems
What's the Electromagnetic Capability of Your Antenna?
The Traveling-Wave Amplifier
A High-Performance 1296-MHz Converter Fiber Optics
Outlining June's Strong Solar Flare Activity
Recording Solar Flares Indirectly
Antenna Angle of Radiation Considerations
A Rapid Design Tool for Microstrip Filters
Upgrading the FT-ONE Transceiver
TX IMD Performance and Measurement Techniques
The Wonderful Transformer Power Splitter
A High-Level SSB Modulator for S Band
An Audio Imaging System for Enhanced CW Reception
Super Yagi Beam
Making High-Q Air-Core Coils
Modifying The Heath SB220 Linear Amplifier
DSP on the PC
LORAN-C Frequency Calibrator
432-MHz EME 1990s Style
The Triangle Antenna
Antenna Angle of Radiation Considerations
Optimizing Amplifier Gain-Bandwidth Product
Antenna-Structure Interaction
Improving Receiver Performance in Modern Transceivers
The Solar Spectrum
How To Design Shunt-Feed Systems For Grounded Vertical Radiators
A Computer-Based Signal Monitoring System

3. Communications Quaterly 1992
The Cellular Connection
An Introduction To Fiber Optic-Based Local Area Networks
Micro-Computer-Based Instrumentation Systems
The Solar Spectrum
UHF Voltage Variable Phase Shifter
Build This High Power S-Band Step-Recovery Diode Tripler
An EPROM Loader For Digicom
Quarterly Devices
Titan 425 Reliability Enhancements
The 160-Meter Semi Vertical: A Case History
Propagation Losses Between Randomly Located Antennas At UHF
The Final Transmission
HF Radio Data Communication
Diagnosing RFI Problems in Vehicles
Parasitic Elements For Pattern Shaping In Vertical Antennas
A User's View Of Charge Coupled Device Imaging
The Solar Spectrum
Low-Pass Filter Performance
Quarterly Devices
Technical Conversations
Radio Receivers Of The Past
Baluns Revisited
Improving The Drake TR-7
Quarterly Devices
A Simple And Accurate Admittance Bridge
Controlled Feeder Radiation
Supergain Antennas
How Short Can You Make A Loaded Antenna?
HF Receiver Design
The Elusive Numbers Relating To Receiver Performance
The Solar Spectrum Using The NASA Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
The 4:1 Balun
Long-Path Propagation
A "Synthesizer-Simulator" For 6-Meter FM Operation
The Solar Spectrum
The Effects of Antenna Height On Other Antenna Properties
Technical Conversations
Observing The Sun
Quarterly Devices
The Drake R-8 Receiver
Tech Notes

4. Communications Quaterly 1993
High-Performance Crystal Filter Design
The LC Tester
Long-Path Propagation
6:1 And 9:1 Baluns
Small Loop Antennas: Part 1
Quarterly Devices
A Remote Reading RF Ammeter
Insulated Antennas
The Solar Spectrum
Determination Of Yagi Wind Loads Using The "Cross-Flow Principle"
1993 Perseids—A Meteor Shower?
Radio Frequency Transistors: Principles And Practical Applications
1.5:1 And 2:1 Baluns
FSK Signal Monitor
The Solar Spectrum
Building The Perfect Noise Bridge
Quarterly Devices
Small Loop Antennas: Part 2
Tech Notes
Build A High-Performance Low-Prorile 20-MeterBeam
Gilbert Cell Active Mixers
The Final Transmission
Direct Digital Synthesis
The Frequency Tunable Crystal Filter
The 12:1 Balun
Wavelength Division Multiplexing
The Excalibur DAP And The Digital Data System
The Solar Spectrum
HF MOSFET Linear Amplifier
Transmitting Short Loop Antennas For The HF Bands: Part 1
Technical Conversations
Receiver Performance
Quarterly Devices
Tech Notes
Technical Conversations
Connecting Computers To Radios
Gravity Wave Communications it ica (ions
The Uni-Directional Long Wire Antenna
The Case Of The Invisible Meteor Storm
High-Frequency Bypass Capacitors
Quarterly Devices
Spread Spectrum Communications
The Solar Spectrum
Tech Notes
Transmitting Short Loop Antennas For The HF Bands: Part 2

5. Communications Quaterly 1994
Technical Conversations
Multimedia Communications
Transitional Audio Active Filter
Deluxe QRP Station
Simplified Frequency Synthesizer IC Interfacing
Double Resonant Antennas With Loading Reactors
Simple Very Low Frequency (VLF) Receivers
Quarterly Devices
The Solar Spectrum
Tech Notes
A Gyrator Tuned VLF Receiver
TX High-Pass Filter Application
Comparing Mininecs
Technical Conversations
Surface Acoustic Wave Technology
A New Method For Measuring Cable Loss
Tech Notes
The Global Positioning System (GPS)
Technical Conversations
Hybrid ARQ For HF Data Transmission
100 Watt HF MOSFET Amplifier
The Hairpin Match
The Solar Spectrum
Aerodynamic Balancing: Part I
Designing the Long Wire Antenna System
Dummy Antennas
Quarterly Devices
The Final Transmission
Technical Conversations
A Unique Approach to AM Synchronous Detection
Super Regeneration
CD-BONS For the Radio Amateur
The Solar Spectrum
A 1.8 to 30-MHz 100-Watt SSB Transmitter
Quarterly Devices
Tech Notes
Quarterly Computing
Communications Quarterly Article

6. Communications Quaterly 1995
Connecting Computers to Radio
Beyond the Z-Match
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams
Technical Conversations
Power on a Budget
Quarterly Devices
A Low-Power 20-Meter Transceiver
Tech Notes
Aerodynamic Balancing: Part 2
Quarterly Computing
The Solar Spectrum
Fiber Optics: The Waveguide of the Future
The Watkins-.Johnson Receiver
Source Data Display Program for ELNEC
Quarterly Devices
Storage Cell Technology
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 2
Understanding Elevated Vertical Antennas
Instruments for Antenna Maintenance and Development: Part 1
The Solar Spectrum
Building a Wide-Range RF Preamp
Quarterly Computing
Tech Notes
The Final Transmission
Tech Notes
Fractal Antennas: Part 1
The G2AJV Antenna
Orbital Analysis by Sleight of Hand
Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves
The Solar Spectrum
Quarterly Devices
The New Shortwave Propagation Handbook: A Review
A Few Words About DSP
Quarterly Review
Quarterly Computing
Instruments for Antenna Development and Maintenance: Part 2
Technical Conversations
Regenerative Receivers
Build A 2-Chip, 80-dB RF Power Meter
Quarterly Devices
Magnetic Units and Formulas
The Solar Spectrum
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 3
Quarterly Computing
Instruments for Antenna Development and Maintenance: Part 3
Quarterly Review

7. Communications Quaterly 1996
Technical Conversations
Optical Communications
The Solar Spectrum
Try NMR with Your Old CW Rig
Oscillators with Low Phase Noise and Power Consumption
Quarterly Review
Simple and Inexpensive High-Efficiency Power Amplifier
Quarterly Devices
Instruments for Antenna Design Development and Maintenance: Part 4
Fractal Loops and the Small Loop Approximation
Quarterly Computing
Factors in HF-ARQ System "Throughput
Tech Notes
The Monster Antennas
Fractal and Shaped Dipoles
Quarterly Devices
Using Inexpensive Digital Panel Meters
Antennae Exotica
Single Sideband Systems and Circuits: A Review
Quarterly Computing
SETI Made Simple
Tech Notes
A Tracking Generator for 0 to 2 GHz
An FT-990/1000 Interface Circuit
Antennae Exotica Nathan -Chip"
The Ultimate Noise Bridge
4CX400A Russian'l-ohes for the MLA-2500 Amplifier
Data on Long-Path Propagation
Fractal Antennas: Part 2
Quarterly Devices
Tech Notes
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 4
Boundary Scan Technology
Addressing the challenge of testing complex components and circuits
Quarterly Devices
PC Designer for pc artwork
An IF and 80-dlt Log Anil for Spectrum Analyzers
Modernize older commercial or homebrew units
A Stable Oscillator
A straightforward design for an LC oscillator
Antennae Exotica
Genetic algorithm family for better antennas
From a,1 to a Zepp Dismantling the mystique
Quarterly Computing
NTE's WinBoard and WinDraft
Basic Synthesizers and How They Work A guided tour through the maze

8. Communications Quaterly 1997
A Logarithmic Audio Speech Processor Improve the effectiveness of your SSB transmitter
Modern Receiver Design Including Digital Signal Processing
Direct Digital Synthesis On a PC platform
A Continuous Duty Battery Controller Charge any size lead-acid battery system
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 5 The ZL Special
Build a 5-to 850-MHz Spectrum Analyzer Low-cost TV tuners make this project a snap!
Tech Notes Optimal Elevated Radial Vertical Antennas Design minimizes effects of unequal currents
EZNEC for DOS The marriage of ELNEC and NEC-2
The Lazy-H Vertical A versatile antenna for DX work
Validation of a F-layer Algorithm for the Ionosphere A summary of various approaches
Upgrading Boonton Models 92/42 RF Voltmeters Replace the mechanical chopper and AC amps with chopper-stabilized, low-offset op amps
Globe Wireless Rides the Airwaves Again A legendary radio service returns
Writing the Amateur Radio Article Are you ready to give it a try?
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 6Fans, bowties, butterflies, and dragonflies
Tech Notes Antennas for DXing
Path Losses at HF An analytical approach
Dual-Conversion FM Narrowband Receiver Uses low-cost monolithic IC chip set
Loading Profiles for Wideband Antennas Maintain high radiation efficiency, increase bandwidth
Transmission Line Transformers A family of broadband types
The Influence of Ground on Horizontal Antennas And on Ground Effect Calculation
How ,look Science Goes Wrong (Sometimes) Further ruminations on a tantalizing topic
Measure Your Coax Cable Loss Turn in your calculator for an Excel spreadsheet
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 7 Shrunken quads
Quarterly Computing iFx 1. 1: The CCIR alternative in HF propagation analysis and prediction
Quarterly Devices
The Den-On SC-7000Z Vacuum Desolderer
Tech Notes A Loop, a Plumber's Delight, choosing the right relay
The Laser Diode Try using one as an optical transmitter source
Is Salt Water Taffy Being Distributed? Ferreting out the truth in scientific studies
Diplexers Some practical applications
Source Impedance of IIF Tuned Power Amplifiers and the Conjugate Match Understanding the basics and dispelling misunderstandings
JFET Simplified Demystifying JFET self-biasing
Heard Island The low-band logs of VKOIR
Modeling and Understanding Small Beams: Part 8 Capacity hats and Yagis
Nikola Tesla The unsung inventor of modern-day AC electric power
Kirchhofrs Laws The classic cube problem
Tech Notes A reference dipole for 2 meters

9. Communications Quaterly 1998
Yagi Antenna Design Using a Genetic Algorithm A revolutionary new design process
A Single Conversion FM Receiver Wireless data communication on the 902 to 928-MHz ISM band
Elevated Radial Wire Systems for Vertically Polarized Ground-Plane Type Antennas Part I: Monopoles
Science in the News Flexible semiconductors and the Rotman lens at MMV frequencies
Facts, Opinions, Theories, Hypotheses, and Laws: Part I "My facts ain't your facts!"
Yagi Uda Antenna Design Part 1: A different approach
Quarterly Devices Almost All Digital Electronics' digital frequency display kits
Radio Communication Via the Moon The early days of EME
The HBR Twenty Try this homebrew QRP project
Quarterly Computing Using EWB to analyze RF circuits
Predictions for Solar Cycle 23 A graphical solution based on historical evidence
Tech Notes Build the Nor'easter 6-meter AM transceiver GOES Satellite Reception An inexpensive approach
Taming the End-Fed Antenna
The Elusive Conjugate Match In HF tuned power amplifiers
Facts, Opinions, Theories, Hypotheses, and Laws: Part 2 Exploring the differences The Modular Dial Improve the frequency calibration of LC oscillators Elevated Radial Wire Systems for Vertically Polarized Ground-Plane Type Antennas Part 2—Phased arrays
Science in the News Gradium"I Glass and a solution to an old LED problem
Signal Ducting on the 160-Meter Band Features of top-band propagation at times of high sunspot count and the summer solstice
Tech Notes A visit to the Half-Square Antenna
The Care and Feeding of the 4CX1600BNotes on specifications and usage A BASIC Stamp Project for Amateur Radio Digital control of the Ten Tee SSB/CW hoard
Modifying a 160-Meter Elevated Radial Vertical Ensure near equal radial currents with optimal performance
Phased Array Adjustment For amateur radio antennas
Quarterly Computing Using Electronic Workbench to analyze audio circuits
The Arc Method of Producing Continuous WavesThe long-awaited "Arcs and Sparks: Part 2"
A 40-Meter Novice Band HBR Breadboard design features make this receiver easy to build
Observations of 3/4-Meter Radio Propagation Across Texas A quantitative approach
Quarterly Review Radios
Designing Frequency Synthesizers Optimum phase noise performance
Tech Notes A Hot-Air SMD Soldering Station for the Home Workshop
Class-E Power Amplifier and Digital Driver for 160 Meters Get 700 watts of CW or 250 watts of AM from $10 worth of transistors in your final amplifier.
Quarterly Computing The Toroid Pro and lroncore Novice programs
A Brief Guide to Surface-Mount Technology Is it the end of ham radio construction or a brave new world?
Complex Impedance Measurements Using only scalar voltage measurements
Junk Science Meet the skeptic
A Tunable All-Bands HF Camp/Mobile Antenna Experimentation and modeling determine radiation characteristics
Multi-Band Direct-Conversion Receiver
Unusual Low-Frequency Signal Propagation at Sunrise Ap-index reaches 101 in May 1998
Tech Notes The Mini Sky Needle, VHF/UHF Signal Generator. A Useful Accessory for the MFJ-259 SWR Analyzer

10. Communications Quaterly 1999
VSWR, Reflections, and the "Conjugate" Impedance Match Reflections and their impact.
A 222-MHz Transverter "Roll your own" and get on the band.
10-MHz Class-E Power Amplifier 200 watts from a $6 transistor.
The Invention of the Superhet Radio From its early development until its acceptance in the early 1930s.
The Easy MLA-2500 Conversion A replacement tube solution.
Science in the News Molecular magnets and the photonic lattice.
Quarterly Review The Tektronix TDS-210 digital real-time scope.
The Double Rectangle Three variations on a rectangular theme.
Tech Notes Update on Solar Cycle 23 and Squelch for the MFJ-9406 Transceiver
Negative Resistance Antenna Elements Obtaining the desired performance.
Science in the News
The Basics of Speech Processing
An Electro-optical Shaft Encoder
Elevated Radial Wire Systems for Ground-Plane Type Antennas
Homebrewing an Amplifier Around the Svetlana 4CX400A
Polyphase AM
Quarterly Review
Loaded Wire Aerials
A Bidirectional Vertical Antenna
The Last 100 Years in Communications
Transferring Power with the Controlled-Q L Match and a 6-Meter ApplicationHBR Fifteen
Atmospheric Ozone
Tech Notes
Image Scanning How much resolution is enough?
True Vertical Beams for 2 Meters Parasitic half-squares and bobtails
Quartz Crystals A resume
The Quad Antenna Revisited Part 1: Developments in antenna analysis
Discpole Antennas and Proximity to Ground Investigating the effect of ground mounting
Quarterly Devices The Analog Devices AD8307 92-dB logarithmic amplifier
The Last 100 Years in Communication Part 2: The transition
Quarterly Review Summer reading
Power Coupling on 160 Meters On the role of polarization
Tech Notes A practical amateur application of the Smith Chart
The Simple Diode RF Detector Operation of the basic diode-detector circuit.
20-Meter QRP Transceiver Easily duplicated rig uses less power, offers more challenge.
Impedance Matching Interpreting the virtual short circuit.
Plumber's 40-Meter Loop Antenna A low-profile, easy-to-build design based on the "Plumber's Delight."
The Quad Antenna Revisited Part 2: The basic two-element quad.
Microwave Spectrum Analyzer oil a Budget A practical approach to microwave signal analysis for the home experimenter.

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